How To Earn Forum Gold

Here we will list ways on how to earn forum gold.

1. Making posts on the forum. Each Thread you start and each post you create will reward you with gold. However be careful not to spam
2. Earning Badges. Each badge you earn will give you gold.
3. Answering other members questions (have to be picked for best answer).
4. Logging into the website daily.
5. Registering on the site.
6. Becoming a moderator you will get a "paycheck" every 30 days from the time you become a moderator.
7. Playing the lottery can earn you some gold.
8. Uploading an Avatar for the first time.
9. Referring members,Once they reach a post threshold you will gain some gold.
10. Referring members who upgrade their accounts will net some good gold.
11. Winning tournaments held by MMOGODLY.
12. Becoming a premium member will allow you to use the bank feature and gain extra gold from interst.