Straight form website Try out ESO Plus free from now until May 6 and experience the benefits of membership with no strings attached! FREE TRIAL NOW LIVE The ESO...[Read More]

Blade & Soul: Scarlet Tears Arrives May 15

Straight from website Finish an epic storyline and open the gates to a new Raid Dungeon! Bring down the Rubrim Shroud and charge into the Scarlet Conservatory w...[Read More]

Patch Notes – April 30th

Straight from black desert website Greetings Adventurers, Unleash Doom from the wildest dark flames with this week’s new update! Doom is the Dream Horse w...[Read More]

PATCH 1.1.0 – APRIL 23, 2019

New Features The Sunken Cell stronghold is now available to all players who have completed the main story (critical path). Added the ability to select contracts...[Read More]

Anthem Patch 1.0.3

High level fixes and changes Respawn restrictions have been removed – Respawn timers are now based on the activity a player is in. Crit-Path, Agent Missio...[Read More]

8.6 Great

Fun but gets boring fast

A lot of games are hard to review – Anthem isn’t one of them. It is easy to identify the strengths it has – excellent graphical fidelity and w...

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