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  • Housing​

    What is a player house?​

    A player house is a building that you can place on any medium-sized building plot. You can treat it as your home base in the world of Albion for storage, home teleportation upon death, and even making a little income on the side through laborers.

    Where can I build my house?​

    Most people build their homes on personal islands. You can buy a personal island in any major city of Albion Online. You just have to find the Island Merchant, pictured below. Please note that an island is tethered to a city, so accessing it from another city will function like fast traveling to the city your island is tethered to.

    From here, you can go to your island and place your house. Simply go to the building menu and find the house. Center it on your plot, and click place. Now you have yourself a construction site! To build your house, you will need to fill this construction plot with resources. You will find a list of all resources needed further in this article. After this, you have a house!

    Not everyone builds their house on their personal island, though. For a more group-minded individual, you may also want to house yourself on your guild’s island. If your guild has an island, it will also be accessible through the island merchant. The benefits of this are that multiple people can help you build, and share access to, your home. Communal living at its finest!

    For those guilds that have staked a claim in the open world and own a guild territory, it is also possible for you to build houses here. These are often chosen for their storage capabilities, but have to contend with the more space-efficient Guild Hall.

    For those interested in the real estate market, one can also build their house on a personally owned plot in a player city. But beware, these plots go up for auction each month, and must be defended from others!

    Benefits of Owning a House​

    So, now that you know how and where to build it, why should you build a house? The first reason is clear: it’s great to have something beautiful that you’ve worked to build. Nothing feels better than looking at your beautiful Tier 8 House that you spent time and energy working on and personalizing.

    But what in-game benefits does it give?

    The first major benefit houses give are storage space. You can place chests of the same or lower tier of your house in your house. This allows for extra storage space than is offered in your city bank. It also gives you the ability to use different chests to sort materials and items. Many guilds use player houses and guild halls for such a purpose.

    Second, if a player set’s a house as their home, they can teleport to the house on death. In this way, your house functions as a “home base” in Albion. It’s the place you go when you die, and it’s always the easiest place to get to. A quick way to get home from anywhere is to stash your stuff, or trade it to a friend, and have your character die in some way.

    Finally, player houses can be used to make some extra income on the side through laborers. A player can place laborers in their house. The laborer gives the player a journal. As the player goes out in to the world and accomplishes tasks associated with this kind of laborer, the book will fill up. When it is full, the player can bring the book back to the laborer. The laborer will then go out theirself and accomplish similar things, and come back baring resources or silver, depending on the kind of laborer. For more information on laborers, click here.

    Different Tiers​

    As you upgrade your house, you unlock the ability to place higher level furniture and upgrade to higher tier laborers. You cannot have any furniture of any tier above the tier of your house. For instance, a Tier 5 house can only have up to Tier 5 furniture placed inside it. Additionally, as you upgrade your house you unlock more space in which to place furniture and laborers. To upgrade a house, go to the administration menu of the house, and click “upgrade” as shown here.

    Once you click upgrade, each tier needs stone and wood of the same tier of the house to upgrade. It will also need an amount of Tier 1 wood and Tier 1 stone. For instance, a T4 house needs 120 Tier 1 Wood, 12 Tier 1 Rock and 180 T4 stone.
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