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  • Farming​

    Farming is one of the basic economic pillars of Albion Online. The farming system allows you to grow your own crops or herbs, with which you can feed animals, cook food, or even brew your own potions.

    An Important Role​

    Farmers are one of the most important professions in Albion: they are a pillar of the economy, and produce all the food supply that is needed to the variety of activities in the world. From feeding baby animals to create powerful Mounts to Crafting the potions that are essential to Combat and gathering, the products that you can provide as a farmer are essential for almost every task in the world of Albion. The food that you can produce as a farmer is also necessary to hold a guild territory. This means that every guild that has a territory will want to have a good farmer to guarantee the food supply - otherwise, the guild will need to buy each and every carrot soup they need to feed the plots, which is not cheap at all!

    Farming 101​

    To start farming, you'll first need a plot where you can plant seeds. The most common way to achieve this is by buying a private island. Each character can own one island, and each island can have up to 5 farming plots, depending on the island level. The second way to get your hands on farming plots is by having access to a guild farm territory. This kind of territory is excellent for growing large quantities of crops and providing food for the various territories of your guild, since you can build up to 8 farming plots there.

    In both private islands and farm territories you can find the Farming Merchant, an NPC that sells seeds, baby animals, and even furniture decorate your home. From this NPC you can buy the necessary supplies to start your farming or breeding operation.

    Choose your Path​

    Now that you have the place and the materials to start your farmer journey in Albion, you can choose which path you are going to follow. Yes, you have options. A farmer can plant herbs or vegetables, raise foals and calves that will grow into Mounts, or even raise special baby animals that can be developed into more powerful Mounts.

    Vegetables and grain can be placed on a farm plot, and will be useful for food Crafting. Herbs can be placed in an herb garden plot, and after harvesting can be used to brew potions.

    Animals are divided into riding animals and slaughter animals. Both types can be placed in a pasture. The riding animals are foals and calves, which grow into horses and oxen respectively. Slaughter animals produce resources like eggs and milk if kept alive, and can also be butchered to be used as ingredients in the cooking system. Last but not least, there is a special kind of animal that can be raised in a kennel. These special baby animals can’t be bought from an NPC - instead, you can loot them from world bosses and other critter mobs or buy them from other players at the Marketplace. You can read more about these particular animals in the Mounts guide.


    A very important part of farming is to look after your crops and animals. You have the option of spending Focus Points to water your plants, or to nurture baby animals after feeding them. This will provide an increase in seed yield and offspring when you pick up the resulting products. The Focus cost is calculated based on your farming abilities, meaning that the more experience you have as a farmer, the less Focus you will spend watering and nurturing.

    To master the art of farming, you will need to pay attention to various details, which will allow you to save time and Silver when it comes to raising animals and growing crops. Keep an eye on the grow time of each animal and seed; this time may vary if you are raising a riding animal. If you want to save time, you can plan your schedule to match the growth times of your various animals/plants, and thus increase your production.

    The yield is also worth keeping an eye on, since you have only 30,000 Focus points to spend and you recover only 10,000 points daily (if you have Premium Status). That said, you will want to prioritize the most important products or the ones that have a lower projected yield.
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