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  • Combat​

    Player vs player (PvP)​

    Zones in Albion​

    The world of Albion is made up of four different colors of zones – blue, yellow, red, and black – each having different PvP rules and effects on your reputation. Different zone types affect the rules related to combat, particularly how flagging for combat works. Losing a fight in different zones will have different consequences, which we will explore below.

    Flagging for Combat​

    Flagging signals to other players that you are looking for a fight. In yellow and red zones, flagging allows a player to attack unflagged players. To be clear, a flagged player can always be attacked by anyone in yellow and red zones. This means both flagged and unflagged players can attack a flagged player. Flag at your own risk!

    Yellow and red zones each have different consequences for losing a fight, and different possibilities of rewards.

    In a yellow zone, a player who drops to zero HP can usually only be knocked down, not killed. If this happens to you, your equipped items all lose 10% durability, and there is a 10% chance of outright losing any non-equippable item you are carrying. A little bit of Silver will drop next to your body. However NO GOLD OR SILVER is ever lost from inventory - the Silver that drops on knockdown / death is generated by the system based on the value of your equipment that lost durability or was destroyed.

    WARNING: Do not click “Die” unless you want to respawn naked at the closest city or your home. If you click “Die” you will lose all the items on your person.
    The red zones are much less forgiving. When your HP is reduced to zero by a player in a red zone, you die. All your items drop on death, and you respawn naked at either your home, or the nearest city. Some of the items you had on will break, others will lose durability and be lootable by whoever can pick them up off your dead body. It’s a brutal world out there.

    The same death rules apply in the black zones (also known as the Outlands) as well. However, players do not need to be flagged in the black zones - PvP is always turned on! Only the most daring heroes or brutal scum dare to venture forth to the Outlands. This lawless land is filled with players warring for control, without the King’s law to protect anyone.

    Consequences of Attacking Unflagged Players​

    So, what’s stopping bandits from running wild in the Royal Zones? Reputation. In brief, flagged players who attack unflagged players lose reputation. Lose too much reputation, and you get kicked out of lower zone types, or out of the Royal Continent entirely until your reputation recovers! For more information on Reputation

    Once you click this button, you must remain still for 15 seconds. During this time, you charge up a bar. When it’s full, you’re flagged! This lets other players around you know you’re flagging. Likewise, if a player near you is doing this, beware: they are preparing to attack!

    Faction Warfare​

    Faction Warfare involves a special kind of flagging: faction flagging. When faction flagged, you can fight (and KILL) anyone who is flagged for an enemy faction in any zone type. To do this, you must find the Faction Enlistment Agent in any of the Royal Cities (Martlock, Lymhurst, Fort Sterling, Bridgewatch, or Thetford). Talk to them, then open the faction enlistment screen and click “Accept”.

    While faction flagged, you gain faction points for gathering, killing creatures, or claiming outposts. These increased bonuses are offset by the fact that people flagged under a different city’s faction can attack you.

    In short, faction flagging overrides zone type. So in addition to being able to attack all players they would normally be able to attack unflagged (such as a flagged player in the red zones, for example), faction-flagged players can also attack all players who have flagged under a different city’s faction in any open-world zone.

    Changes to Faction Flagging in Yellow Zones​

    With Queen Patch 8, players who are flagged hostile and players who are flagged for Faction Warfare can no longer attack each other in yellow zones. This is to prevent cases where a hostile player knocks down a faction-flagged player who is then executed by other faction-flagged players. Details:

    More specifically, hostile and faction-flagged players in yellow zones are neutral to each other. This means they cannot cast any spells on each other, whether harmful or beneficial.
    • Faction-flagged players can still kill and be killed by other faction-flagged players in all zones, including blue and yellow.
    • Hostile players in yellow zones can still attack (and be attacked by) other non-faction-flagged players, whether they are flagged or not. Knockdown rules remain in effect for all combat in yellow zones.
    • Exception: Hostile and faction-flagged players can attack each other with knockdown rules in unrestricted PvP areas in yellow zones (such as the circled areas around treasure chests). These areas effectively remove the "neutral" status from all players, allowing combat between all players. As with all areas in the game, faction-flagged players can execute players flagged to other factions in these zones.

    Zerg Markers​

    Now that you know how to flag up for combat, let’s talk about zergs. Zergs are larger groups of players, ranging from 10 all the way to the hundreds! Zergs often roam around the map in numbers hunting players to fight in both the Outlands and the Royal Continent. If you meet a zerg alone, it is very hard if not impossible to escape alive.

    Luckily, Albion Online has a nifty system to mark Zergs on the minimap, so you can see them coming. Red zerg markers start appearing when 10 or more players travel closely with each other on the map. The more players traveling close together, the bigger the size of the circle on the map!

    Unrestricted PvP Subzones​

    Some parts of the world, such as Hellgates, Watchtowers, and Treasure Sites, are unrestricted PvP subzones. In these areas of the world, players who enter are automatically flagged and can freely fight anyone also in the subzone (or, as always, anyone flagged normally). These areas are clearly marked by a glowing yellow circle in the world. Cross the border at your own risk. Dropping to zero HP inside these areas due to PvP follows the zone rules: knockdowns in yellow zones, death in red zones. Fighting inside PvP subzones doesn’t affect reputation as all players inside the subzone are flagged.
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