Referral Contest


Godly Gold
Hello and welcome to MMOGODLY's first official contest. The contest is simple,refer the most people in a given time period and you win!!

  1. No registering multiple accounts(we can see this and will ban people who try this)
  2. No spamming other sites,if the site allows it great if not then respect their rules
  3. The top referrer will be the winner when the contest is over.

  1. Top referrer will get a $50 dollar gift card from either Steam,Microsoft(xbox),Sony(playstation) as well as 500 forum gold.
  2. Second place will get 350 forum gold.
  3. Third place will get 100 forum gold.
Where is my referral link? You can find it in 2 spots
  1. On the side of the forums,very top box
  2. You can get it from your account