Albion Online Lands Awakened Patch 8

Lands Awakened Patch 8 is here! This patch brings extensive combat balance changes, improved Arena matchmaking, and more. Read on for details…

New Season Winner Statue​

First up, there’s a new face in Conquerors’ Hall! You can now check out the statue dedicated to IAMNIUBI, who claimed their first crown in Season 14. The banners of 2nd and 3rd-place runners up Elevate and Judicate are also now on display.

Combat Balance Changes​

This patch brings far-reaching combat balance adjustments, to overhaul some underused weapons and abilities and help others to perform better in the current meta.


Here are some of the changes:

  • War Gloves: Cross Step has been reworked into a new ability called Fleet Footwork, which features a kick-dodge combo
  • Dual Swords: Spinning Blades now has an attack speed and attack damage buff, and Weakening affects enemy damage more significantly
  • Axes: Resilience Penetration of Halberd and Carrioncaller have been increased to make them more effective in group combat
  • 5v5 Crystal League: The point reduction per kill has been increased from 4 to 6

Improved Arena Matchmaking​

Various changes have been made to the Arena matchmaking system in order to speed up the formation of teams in queues. Solo DPS players in particular should see their waiting times significantly reduced.


Other Changes and Improvements​

  • New “Hood and Scythe” guild logo available
  • Catching rare fish now sometimes drops additional seaweed as a bonus
  • Vengeful Guardian Lord (Territory Boss) and its summons no longer reset completely when leaving their pursuit range
  • …and much more

For a full list of changes, read the official patchnotes.

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