Posting Guidelines

Rules for submitting builds and content.

  1. No Copyright material allowed. If you are found uploading copyrighted material then you will be banned from our site immediately.
  2. Make sure your builds stay up to date with DLC, PATCHES,or UPDATES. A build that is either reported or found out of date will be unpublished and sitting in your dashboard until you update it.
  3. Make sure you include all prerequisites for the build. For instance, if a build requires a certain race or class to use the build.
  4. Use tags so that people can find your builds,guides better.
  5. English only! Any build submitted in any language other than English will be deleted.
  6. If your guide is written well and gets good ratings,it could become a featured build on our site.
  7. Check for spelling mistakes. No one wants to try and read a guide that’s written horribly.
  8. Use a Title that sticks out. Boring Titles usually get overlooked.


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