LMG/SMG All Content Build — 1 piece Wyvern,3 pieces D&H, 1 piece Gila, 1 piece Petrov or Sokolov 


Mask – D&H – Crit Chance

Backpack – Wyvern – Safeguard 

Body Armor – Petrov/Sokolov -> Unstoppable Force + Hardened

Gloves – Gila – Clutch 

Holster – D&H – Crit Chance

Kneepads – D&H – Cloaked 


LMG – M60 w/ Strained -> Tactical Small Pouch magazine

SMG – Chatterbox exotic

Stat Priority/Requirements:

Crit chance is top priority along with armor/armor %

Requirements -> 7 or more blue, 5 or less red, 5 or less yellow (Plan accordingly with gear and mods)


Anything that fits your play style

Specialization: Demolitionist

Talents/Perks/Attachment Explanations:

Strained – Insane crit damage increase as armor depletes and is the primary reason we stack crit chance.

Unstoppable Force – Not as much damage as Bersker, however, it benefits both the LMG and SMG and it synergizes well with our armor stacking.

Clutch – This talent can be very strong in a crit build and especially when using an SMG that has crit attachments. This is a talent that is primarily aimed at winning 1v1 duels in the dark zone as you will sustain better.

Cloaked – This talent doesn’t give a great explanation as to what it does. When your armor hits 0 this actually stuns everyone around you for 2-3 seconds. This is incredibly strong in this build as when you hit 0 armor you will be doing insane damage with Strained and any threats around you won’t be able to fight back. This is also very useful in PVP. I haven’t tested the range but I would guess about 20 yards, so close range.

Safeguard – Not a lot of great talent options here but this is more for PVE. You will be killing lots of targets and this will make your chem launcher and repair drone sustain really well.

Demo Talent –  When armor hits 0 magazine is autofilled. This is amazing because you could have 5 rounds left in your LMG or SMG and the second your armor hits 0 it refills to max instantly. There is no internal cooldown on this it seems so you can do this over and over as you heal up and go down.

LMG Magazine – This isn’t a necessity, I just prefer to reload faster and have 85 rounds instead of 100 rounds with a slow reload.


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