Division 2 Review

The Review

Overall The division 2 is a beautiful game on the outside and its very fun to play,however there are some issues with the game. So i will go over some of the negatives first.

  • If you’re a non PVP player then you probably wont even venture into the Dark Zone,but you are missing out on some of the really good high end gear,not only do the best rolls drop in there but without knowing what gear score the raids drop,the DZ is the only place to get 515 gear.
  • Crafting is absolutely pointless at this moment in the game. It tops out at 490 and you cant even re-calibrate it. Where is the optimization table from the first division? You figured they would have all these issues ironed out for the second one.
  • Another really big issue is when it comes to min-maxing a gear set. Blue mods that you get from level 18-22 can drop higher damage mods then high end gear so people have been creating a second character to farm these? Most people dont have the time to do this or flat out refuse to do something like this.
  • Cover shooter or nah? The only way to really play this game is to shoot from behind cover,otherwise you will constantly die. No more just running and gunning which can get a bit boring and turn players away.

Now on to the goods.

  • The AI really makes for a tough game,no more easing your way through this game
  • TONS of guns and loot to make you strive for higher gear score
  • Awesome clothes(apparel) you can make your char look how ya want.
  • Cool easter eggs and fun stuff to find through out the map (i’m looking at you hunters)
Overall The division 2 is a beautiful game on the outside and its very fun to play,I definitely think its worth the time to invest into it. You can spend hours just exploring the map,trying to find all the secrets it holds. You can spend your time in conflict and test your builds against other players.
  • Overall its a really fun game
  • Very addicting
  • Beautiful map
  • Can force none PVP players into PVP
  • Right now crafting is pointless
  • AI dont miss shots,and are still spongy

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