Blade & Soul: Scarlet Tears Arrives May 15

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Finish an epic storyline and open the gates to a new Raid Dungeon!

Bring down the Rubrim Shroud and charge into the Scarlet Conservatory when Blade & Soul: Scarlet Tears arrives on May 15!

Temple of Succession: Chapter 7–8

  • Recommended for Level 55 and above
  • Players will need to have completed Temple of Succession, Chapter 6: Dying Breaths

Despite previous efforts to stop the plague spreading across the Stratus Empire, the harmful spores still linger, and its innocent citizens continue to be transformed into rage-filled horrors. Find a way to bring down the Rubrim Shroud and finally unravel the mystery in the Temple of Succession grand finale.

Scarlet Conservatory

  • 12-player Raid Dungeon
  • Recommended for Level 60 – HM 21
  • Players will need to have finished Temple of Succession – Chapter 8

The Scarlet Conservatory is in full bloom! Complete the Temple of Succession storyline to gain access to a challenging series of bosses to defeat as you continue your journey to solving the mystery behind the Temple of Succession.

The Graft Titan

The Dowager is experimenting on a captured Stratus Officer and turning him into something far worse than the horrors outside the Scarlet Conservatory. Somewhere in the depths of this monster is the human that this honorable soldier once was; find him and bring him to a merciful end in order to release the tortured soul inside.

The Dowager’s Doctor

The Dowager has enabled her lead researcher, Doctor Gyojak, to perform heinous experiments by providing him all he needed, including unsuspecting test subjects. You must find him and bring an end to his mad science.

Dragon’s Bounty Event

In the Dragon’s Bounty event, upgrade your accessories to get geared up for the new Raid Dungeon as well as earn incredible rewards—including the fabulous Reborn costume and Cryo Phoenix Illusion Weapon, winners of the 2018 cosmetic design contest! The outfit and illusion weapon will be available outside of event participation as well. More information on the specifics of the event, how to earn the new Reborn costume and Cryo Phoenix Illusion Weapon, and their grand reveal are all coming soon.

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