About Us

MMOGODLY has actually been around since 2015,but we have gone through numerous website changes to try and get a seamless integration with our community. We think we’ve finally achieved everything we set out to do for this website. Why did we want it seamless? Glad you asked that question. Here at MMOGODLY ,we wanted this website to be primarily driven by our community. The public can register for an account and start publishing their content immediately without having to wait for it to be moderated,aslong as it follows our posting guidelines located here.

So what do we do exactly?

You know when you play multiple online MMO games and get tired of searching a bunch of different sites looking for up-to-date builds,guides,and reviews? Our community will participate in creating all that information for you and put it on one website making it easier for people who play different online MMO’s.

We break it down when trying to find a build so it’s easy on you! We break most games down into PVP or PVE and some even further like Anthem. That way you can find your fire STORM build fast and effective and not wading through a bunch of useless builds you dont need!

So how does it work?

  1. You sign up to the website (Which is quick and easy).
  2. Navigate to the game hub you are wanting to create an article for.
  3. You can submit your own game review or build.
  4. Enter the front-end editor and fill out the necessary information.
  5. Click Publish and your article is live on our site,other members can rate and review your build as well.

How do you stop bad content or copyrighted material?

Each time a new article is posted an admin/moderator can actually look it over and if its against our TOS then it will be removed. As for copyrighted material there is a “Report Content” button on each article.

As a person of this community you can post builds,guides,reviews. Also rate and critique ( Constructive Criticism) other members articles so they can even learn more about the game they are playing. Hang around and be a bum on our forums,or participate in giveaways and contests that we hold here and there.

Thanks for taking the time to check out our site,if you have any questions post in our forums or contact us via the link and we will try our best to help out!

Future plans

  • Hoping to add a wiki to allow for a better guides experience
  • Optimize for better website speed

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