Website Faq

In your profile menu you can select the submit build link,or you can go to the actual game hub select the builds tab,on the right hand side you can click on the submit build.
At the moment we are working on a wiki to submit guides to,so the guides section wont be available until we complete this.
Builds and Guides arent reviewed,they are posted to the site immediately. You are responsible for keeping the build updated throughout all the patches/dlc.
unfortunately there isnt anything we can do about it
More than likely it is sitting in your dashboard,if you havent kept up with the latest DLC or patches then it was probably unpublished. If its completely gone then it was deleted for copyright infringement,but you would of received a private message stating it was being deleted.
On the post there is a Report content button,click it and it will drop down. Just fill out the form with the correct information. If the post is found to be copyrighted then we will delete it from the site.
Reviews aren't moderated unless it doesn't follow our TOS for posting,but it goes up as soon as you post it.

Forum Faq

From the homepage click on your name and in the dropdown select settings then profile,in the sub nav you will see the option to change avatar along with cover image.
Just go to your profile settings and edit profile,you will see the option next to avatar for a signature.
go your post and in the top right hand corner of your post you will the "edit post" option.
If you are active on the forums and help other members/new members it wont go unnoticed. You will receive a PM asking if you want to become a mod.
They are badges you receive for completing different things around the site/forum.
go to their profile and click the report member button. Be sure to fill out the info box stating your reason for reporting. False reporting a member can get you banned.
if you think you were wrongfully banned from the forums then contact an admin

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